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Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
stories today, the european central bank meets in slovenia, expected to hold back on any action as it waits for spain to decide ifle it will finally ask for a bailout. silvia wadhwa is reporting for us from the outskirts of the slovenia capital. we obviously know the ecb travels around to these events, but where are you exactly? you're not really in the capital, are you? why are they meeting there? >> i think because it's a convenient location. it's a conference center with a big park around it, both from the security point of view and from simply from the logistics point of view it's probably very convenient rather than smack inside. they did have a meeting there yesterday with bankers, some evening reception. and i know mario draghi met to talk about the situation. slovenia sadly is one of the countries very much on the one to watch list. the head of the euro group said the other day that the situation was very serious and slovenia might be on the brink of a bailout. the president denied that, he said he didn't think slovenia needed a bailout. he also didn't think spain needed a bai
Oct 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
speaking at the monthly news conference today in slovenia. silvia is there. did we get any clue, silvia, about where we might be on spain asking for a bailout? >> reporter: well, in a nutshell, no. we had a lot of questions fieldfield ed in that direction like it depends and it's up to politicians and we have to wait for preconditions to be met. what we heard from draghi was the program is ready to go to as soon as the prerequisites are in place. the prerequisites are conditionality, as they always say, meaning there has to be a bailout, whether this is just enhanced credit line, whether that is a full-fledged bailout, but they're always talking about memorandum of understanding that a government has to sign with the euro group. from then it can basically ask funds from the esm, then the esm can buy in the primary market, and then the ecb can buy in the secondary market. now, all that doesn't sound as if it's going to happen overnight because we know very well that on the other side of the fence, lajoy is still saying we don't need a bailout. the spanish government knows they need some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2